Medical Journey

 **Another update.  I am changing this to both Shine and Lovely's medical page.  We were just hit yesterday with a hard truth and I will be updating everyone here.  7-24-14

***I have to change this from just her open heart surgery at fourteen months old, to her metabolic issues as well.  These are in chronological order.  You are a witness to a true super hero in this page.  She's amazing.

This is the page where you will be able to find all the posts about my little Serious' open heart surgery. From the diagnosis to her recovery and everything in between. I will do my best to photograph the process but I might be too overwhelmed at first. I will be doing lots of research over the next two weeks to try to be as prepared as I can for this. I trust God to take care of her and heal her.


This is another chapter in Shine's book.  This one is dealing with her bones.  I'm not sure why God is allowing her to have all the issues, but He is. You can find all her updates here.

And here's Shine and Lovely's journey through the gastroenterology, neurosurgeon, cardiology and genetic clinics.  They list seems like way too much.  I pray that this will help someone out there.