Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Bloom

If you've been following my blog this season, you would know that this spring has been unprecedented.  Its been warm, gorgeous and just plain lovely.  I purchased a rose bush at Lowe's and was SUPER nervous about it not surviving the skillz that this woman has at killing living plants.  I left it indoors by our garage door for nearly two weeks.  It started to sprout so I figured I should probably plant it outside.  But I didn't follow any of the directions with mulch, tarps and vitamins.  Maybe that's the reason I kill everything?  I dug a hole, filled it with potting soil and plopped that sucker in there.  Almost a month later.... and a few snow showers later and this is what surprised me tonight when I got home from running errands.  It made me incredibly happy! 

I am super excited for when we get back from Michigan.  We are filling the garden beds in the front of our house with flowers.  Sparkle and I planted some freesia about two months ago.  We have plants about a foot tall, without any flowers yet.  Some of the beds are doing better than others.  One of the garden beds have a whole slew of plants.  The previous homeowner said that they are four o'clocks.  But there are two different plants and I have no idea which ones are which.  Mulch and some gorgeous plants are in my future and I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Trip

Sparkle has been looking forward to this trip for several weeks and we were not disappointed!  This was such a fun day!   We did batting cages, paddle boats, black light bowling, video games, bumper cars, bumper boats, go carts, and a super slide!  It was amazing!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kiwi Crate Activity

I got our first Kiwi Crate in yesterday.  I wrote about that * here *.  Click this * link * for a $10 off coupon.

Here is our very first Kiwi Crate activity!  We did the medieval catapult because I was not getting red Kool Aid out today.  Shine was crashed out from a long morning at church making googly eyes at everyone walking by her.  So it was Sparkle and I making an adventure out of pom poms and rubberbands. 

We were in LOVE with this activity! We got two of these kits.  One for each of my girls.  I don't think Shine will get as much out of this activity as Sparkle.  She's nineteen months old and a little rough with things.  But Sparkle at nineteen months would have handled this activity just fine.

 The directions were absolutely adorable and simple for Sparkle to do herself.

 Testing out our catapult.

 Decorating her creation!

Officially Summer

Coming from our Michigan background, bonfires are a year long thing.  And we know how to do them right.  They are an excuse to get together.  Literally, we invite people over to our homes to watch things burn.  I don't know how it got started, but we do it.  It was almost four years after we had moved to Wyoming before we could have our own bonfire.  We lived on base housing and apartments that we weren't able to have one.  Its hard to classify the safe, little contained fires we have to have out here as "bonfires."  And when we invite people over for them, they thing we are crazy.  "Are we cooking out?"  "Are we playing yard games?"  Nope.  Just gonna watch some wood burn.  It sounds insane.  But it is some of my fondest memories with my goony friends back home. 

Summer officially starts in Wyoming when we can have a bonfire.  Winds out here in Wyoming are extremely dangerous with fires.  And it blows usually around 60-80 miles per hour for four months of the winter.  Without any snow, fires could torch property in seconds.  A week ago 7,600 acres burned in the mountains of Fort Collins, CO (which is 30 minutes south of us.) 

Tonight we had our first "bonfire" and Shine had her first ever s'more.  And it was hysterical! 

Here are my beautiful girls....all four of them... :)

 Enjoying a plain marshmallow before the real treat.
 I LOVE our new backyard!
 Hehehehe Shine was not a fan of the sticky melted marshmallow.

 Sparkle was not wanting to take this photo because she thought Shine would get her all messy.  Seriously.  They are polar opposites!

 I'm thinking a framed 11x14 is in need for this photo!
 *sigh* My handsome man!

 Proud frisbee catcher.

 She was able to stand up like this and sit down all by herself.  Not too bad for four months after open heart surgery and she wasn't able to crawl, scoot, or be mobile in any way before her surgery.  Makes a mama proud!

 I'm helping her to balance on her own and walk all by herself.  She cruised all over the back yard!
Sparkle is such an amazing big sister.  She pushed her all over the yard until she was absolutely pooped and then kept going because Shine was giggling like crazy!

 We love our dogs.  I mean, we LOVE our dogs.  Roxy misses Pyro, but Rose is quickly becoming a friend to her.
 This little thing actually herds my fifty pound pit bull.  She literally comes up to Roxy's ankles.  It cracks me up to see her barking and cutting off Roxy's full speed charge.  And she's a chicken with any adult humans. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kiwi Crate

Our first Kiwi Crate has arrived!  I love anything that I can do with my children that instills a sense of creativity in them.  Sparkle loves to color, draw, tell stories, make movies and anything of the like.  She has a hard time seeing something and being able to imagine it as something else, though.  She is getting better at it.  I have the enormous privileged to be able to stay home with my children during the day.  This gives me the enormous opportunity to be able to teach them when they need to be taught.  I am not a fan of unschooling, but I am a huge proponent of teaching your children in the environment that they live in.  A vast world is at my fingertips to use in my children's education.  And I plan to utilize as much of it as I can.

I came across this company about a week ago and immediately signed up for the program.  Please go * here* to see more.  And while you're there, take advantage of the $10 coupon in the link.  You must use this direct link in order to get your $10 off.  I ordered two boxes for $27.  If you only ordered one, your first month is only $9 with the coupon!  You can't beat that and there is no obligation to continue month after month.

But here is what came in our first crate!  It was a medieval box full of catapults, princess hats and pom poms!  Sparkle and Shine are down for a nap after a very full day of their aunt's high school graduation, but you can be sure that tomorrow we have activities to do!

I love when you can tell that a company takes pride in it's products.  This was packaged very well and the directions were super fun!  I can't wait to get started! I am dying to know how the red Kool-Aid will be used!

Please visit * here * to get your $10 coupon and get started on some projects with Kiwi Crate!