Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today was....

I know that many of you were waiting for this post and I apologize for making you wait longer than I should have!  My family and I got hit with some major food poisoning from some burgers from King Soopers.  Nice.  Thankfully Shine didn't eat the burgers.  A toddler throwing up is not any fun at all.

My nerves were shot yesterday.  I had spent the whole night comforting my vomiting six year old Sparkle and then having to share the potty as I started throwing up.  I don't get morning sickness when I am pregnant and I've only experienced it once when I was pregnant with Shine and I got off some medication too fast.  Need less to say, I was not a fan.  So last night, I wasn't a fan either.  So with little to no sleep, no food or water in my system, I headed down to Denver for my doctor's appointment.  Strong stayed home the girls.  He started feeling pretty bad too, so to avoid any unsightly situations, he just stayed home.  I had to stick a gallon sized freezer bag in my purse, just in case. 

I finally arrived in Denver, an hour and a half away for my specialist appointment.  I was extremely nervous.  The nurse didn't tell me my blood pressure, but I am pretty sure that it was higher than normal.  I did the normal routine.  Pee in the cup, get my blood pressure, cover my eyes when they took my weight.  Finally they called me back for my ultrasound.  Wringing my hands and whispering prayers for a heartbeat, I sat there as the little form popped up on the screen.  My heart nearly dropped.  The little thing wasn't moving.  Inside I thought I was going to die.  Then a microsecond later, the technician, said "And there's the heart beating. And the arms and legs are moving."  Literally it wasn't even a second before the baby showed on the screen and the heartbeat showed.  I started crying as the baby rested there gently and waved his arms and legs at me.  Almost as if he was saying, "Hi mommy.  Don't give up on me." 

When I had my ultrasound done with Sparkle she was wiggling and moving and waving and squirming at eight weeks.  With Shine, she wasn't moving as much but still moving.  Which is pretty funny that their personalities are much like their first ultrasounds!  This one was barely moving, just gently waving.  I wonder what this one's personality will be like. 

Yesterday was a day that was filled with joy for me and my family.  When normal women get that positive pregnancy test is when they are filled with that overwhelming sense of joy.  Mine comes with that test, but it's different.  Its filled with hesitation and hope.  But when I am past nine weeks and I get an ultrasound that shows a heartbeat is when I am filled with complete excitement!!!  Now starts a journey to prepare for our number three little one. 


  1. YAY!!! SO, SO excited for you!

    Sorry about the food poisoning. No fun!

  2. congrats on number three :o) i found your blog through pinterest and i'm your newest follower!