Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Bag Swap Part Deux

Welcome to my second busy bag swap!  Please see the activities in my first one * here *.  I had SUCH a good time with this swap!  We had a TON of excellent projects submitted!

Pricing is working like this:
Registration: $15
Shipping to me: $15
Shipping to you: $15
Cost of project: Around $20 for all 20 bags (this is just an estimate)
Local participants to Cheyenne, Wyoming are not required to pay for shipping, but they MUST commit to dropping off and picking up their busy bags for the entire duration of the swap.  I will not be responsible for them.

All you need to do is fill out this form and chose from the list below, your top five choices that you would like to make.  I will assign you one project to make.  Once you receive your assignment, please order your supplies and get busy!  I MUST receive your payment with your registration.  If I do not, another participant will take your place. This swap closes July 30th.  Please have your set of twenty identical bags to me by August 30th. Once I have everyone's busy bags to me, I will have everything sorted and shipped out by September 15th.  *As long as I receive everyone's bags on time.  Please be understanding if I receive some bags late, I will have to ship everyone's bags out late as well.*

Please make your payment using one of these links:

Local to Cheyenne, WY
Non local swappers

Fill out my online form.

Here are the projects that we are doing this time!

Molds can be purchased here. Please do both boy and girl shapes.  Please do at least 10 different colors. 

Please do at least five different colors.  Please package these in something that seals VERY well.  Sandwich baggies will not cut it.

Please include 3-4 sheets of sticker, or more, a note pad, pencils and then package nicely!

Please include at least one car with your bag. 

Please include forty sponge sticks with each bag.

 Please include enough to make four cupcakes.

Please include fifteen jar lids with your game bag.

You are more than welcome to do the entire book, but if you chose to do just the dress up dolls, please do a boy and girl.

Please include all 26 letters with each set.

Please include a quart storage bag full of mixed colors and string with each bag you make.

Include a generous portion in a quart storage bag of all the different shapes.  more than one set may have to be purchased to fill enough bags to meet the requirements of this swap.
Please include enough materials to design at least five different designs.

Please include dry erase markers and all three sheets with each bag.

Buggy Bugs
Purchase magnifying glasses and bugs and put it all together in a cute way!

Please do two different food kits.  This takes more time to do as well.  If you'd like to do this one, please let me know when you register and I will give this to you so that you have enough time to get this all done.

Please include twenty different things to measure and two rulers.  Package it up and call it good!

This takes a little more time to do than the other projects.  Please keep in mind that you will be making twenty of these.  If you'd like to do this project, please let me know as soon as you register and I will give it to you immediately, so that you have time to make all twenty sets.  Please be as generous with your felt pieces as the tutorial.  This will be just as close to pricing as the other projects, but WILL take more time.

This one is a containment bag.  This is a sewing project meant to house all the busy bags from this swap.  The person responsible for this bag will create simple homemade bags to store the entire swap.  I am super excited about this addition!  If you'd like this project, please let me know when you register and I will give this to you as soon as you register to give you time to make them.

And one just for giggles.  I saw this a while ago and I fell in love!  This is just for your own fun.  This is not part of the busy bag swap.  Sparkle and I did something like this when she was much younger but with cardstock and stickers.  A shower curtain would be SO amazing!!!

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