Friday, May 11, 2012

A Typical Day

I love reading posts about moms and their daily lives.  I find it so inspiring and hopeful.  ;) I don't think that I will have that HUGE of an impact in your life, dear reader, but I just wanted to share what happens around our house on any give day.

I would love to say that I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the morning with a pep in my step.  Fact is, I don't.  I love being awake before the rest of the family.  But the odds of that happening is about 1 in 20 million.  I love the quiet.  I love the smell of coffee brewing without the smells of dirty diapers and cheerios mixed in.

I would also love to say that I start my day in the Word of God.  But it doesn't.  My alarm goes off about three times.  Then I read emails, text messages and facebook with sleep in my eyeballs and a kink in my neck because I am straining to read it laying on my side.  Pillows stuffed under my head and blankets to my chin.  Strong says I sleep funny.  Hey, don't hate.  Appreciate. 

I mosey on upstairs.  I can already hear Sparkle moving around.  Using the potty, rubbing her eyes, playing in Shine's room.  (Which she ALWAYS ask me before she barges into her sister's room.)  I get snuggles and kisses from my girls.  Shine freaks out every morning that she sees me walk in to her room for the first time.  Kicking her legs, laughing, screaming, waving her arms.  Occasionally, she gets a little too frisky and I have to kiss a boo boo that she holds up to me because she smacked it on the side of her crib.  Which I love to do. :)

Its a hustle and bustle after this point to get breakfast, lunch made and packed, the girls dressed, teeth brushed and my breakfast shake made.  I won't bore you with the details, but usually the mornings have lots and lots and lots of "Eat your breakfast."  "Please put the toys down, you aren't ready for school."  "Clean the sink when you're done."  "Eat your breakfast."  "Eat your breakfast."  "Eat your breakfast."  "Eat your breakfast."

I load up the chitlins and head off to Sparkle's school.  She goes to a private Christian school this year.  I usually homeschool, but I needed a break.  Part of being a good mom, is knowing when you need a little time off.  This year was my time.  We had MUCH to much going on for me to be any kind of effective teacher.  And her school is wonderful.  The principal and her teachers are fabulous.  They have become my friends, which is the wonderful thing about a small Christian school.  I will be teaching art twice a week for the entire school next year, which I am shocked and blessed to be able to do.

When Shine and I get home, we might have her therapy appointment, Baby Signs class, my nail appointment or I might have a photography session to shoot.  I rarely schedule photo shoots during the week unless it's at night or for someone who can't fit it in any other time.  We play, do a sensory activity, craft, snuggle, or head to the park for a playdate.  Today we painted.  Which was super fun watching her explore finger paint for the first time!

 Its nap time shortly after that.  So I get to have a few more snuggles and kisses and then it's off to bed.

 Signing has become a very large part of our day.  Shine does it for nearly everything.  Which I love because I know what she wants.  Here she is signing the sign for sleep.  I did her 18 month photos yesterday and I have a few of her signing the sign for more.  Apparently she wanted more breakfast. 

She never ended up taking a nap this morning.  She sang and talked and kicked the walls of her crib.  So we'll say she gleefully rested.  I blogged a bit.  Thankfully I cleaned the whole house and did laundry yesterday.  I could have a me day today.  And those are always nice.   I got her up after about an hour and we grabbed some lunch and headed out to my nail appointment.  I love nail day.  I have the best nail tech on the planet.  She's also one  of my best friends. 

The second I pulled up in the drive way, the HVAC estimate guy showed up at the house.  We live in a split level beautiful home...without AC.  MUCH too hot to get any rest when it's cooking the whole day in our HOT Wyoming summers.  Hubby and I agreed that we needed to have air conditioning put in this year.  I put Shine down for a nap again when we got home and again.  She never fell asleep.  I had to get some photos to Sparkle's school for their yearbook, so I edited a hand full of them and burned them to a disc.  Got Shine up again from her no-so-napping-nap.  We headed up to the school to pick up Sparkle and drop off the disc.  

Editing some photos...

Picking up my daughter is one of the happiest moments of my day.  Seeing them after they wake up in the morning is the first.  They make me insanely happy.  :)  I was asked by a mom of another student to read some poetry that she wrote and asked me to get together with her to do some photography for her publisher.  Then we skittered on down to grab some burgers before heading off to dance class.

I think the story of my life is Sparkle's clothes all over the floor.  Her clothes and shoes are always all over the place.  I think I ask her to pick up her clothes more than I say "Eat your breakfast."  

 This little face greets me whenever I sit down.  I mean, every time I sit down.  Her little smile and teeth just make me smile even more.

I got Sparkle off to dance class.  Starbucks was calling my name so off we went.  Stopping in at Life's Journey Scrapbooking before heading back to the dance studio to pick up Sparkle.

Once we got home we played a few games of Candy Land.  Sparkle has won every single game that ever been played, for her entire life.  I don't understand it.  Its an hour filled with giggles and laughing!  Daddy seriously makes her heart sing.  They wrestle and play and giggle even more.  We had a fire going because even though it's spring, its COLD today.

I headed up to the hospital to visit with my friend's dad.  Her dad had several stokes and is headed to surgery tomorrow to have his artery cleaned.  It gives me the willies just thinking about it.  He had such an amazing attitude about the whole thing.

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