Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pregnancy Scrapbook

No, I am not announcing anything...  ;) I fell in love with this mini scrapbook at my local scrapbooking shop, Life's Journey Scrapbooking.  Shannen told me that this was a demo from a class that she did at the shop!  Can you believe this class was only $20???   They are having their annual retreat this month and I am SO jealous that I can't go!  Check her upcoming classes on her webpage. 

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I am saving this mini album that I picked up in her store for the next time I am blessed with a pregnancy.  I love the colors and layout for this mini album!  Its made with chipboard and embellished with a gorgeous line of papers, stickers and tags. 

 These little bags were added for each month and are fantastic for keeping extra ultrasounds, receipts for purchases or cards from family.

 I mean, really?  How adorable is this album???

You can sign up for the classes at Life's Journey by clicking the links above and registering right online! 

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