Sunday, May 27, 2012

Officially Summer

Coming from our Michigan background, bonfires are a year long thing.  And we know how to do them right.  They are an excuse to get together.  Literally, we invite people over to our homes to watch things burn.  I don't know how it got started, but we do it.  It was almost four years after we had moved to Wyoming before we could have our own bonfire.  We lived on base housing and apartments that we weren't able to have one.  Its hard to classify the safe, little contained fires we have to have out here as "bonfires."  And when we invite people over for them, they thing we are crazy.  "Are we cooking out?"  "Are we playing yard games?"  Nope.  Just gonna watch some wood burn.  It sounds insane.  But it is some of my fondest memories with my goony friends back home. 

Summer officially starts in Wyoming when we can have a bonfire.  Winds out here in Wyoming are extremely dangerous with fires.  And it blows usually around 60-80 miles per hour for four months of the winter.  Without any snow, fires could torch property in seconds.  A week ago 7,600 acres burned in the mountains of Fort Collins, CO (which is 30 minutes south of us.) 

Tonight we had our first "bonfire" and Shine had her first ever s'more.  And it was hysterical! 

Here are my beautiful girls....all four of them... :)

 Enjoying a plain marshmallow before the real treat.
 I LOVE our new backyard!
 Hehehehe Shine was not a fan of the sticky melted marshmallow.

 Sparkle was not wanting to take this photo because she thought Shine would get her all messy.  Seriously.  They are polar opposites!

 I'm thinking a framed 11x14 is in need for this photo!
 *sigh* My handsome man!

 Proud frisbee catcher.

 She was able to stand up like this and sit down all by herself.  Not too bad for four months after open heart surgery and she wasn't able to crawl, scoot, or be mobile in any way before her surgery.  Makes a mama proud!

 I'm helping her to balance on her own and walk all by herself.  She cruised all over the back yard!
Sparkle is such an amazing big sister.  She pushed her all over the yard until she was absolutely pooped and then kept going because Shine was giggling like crazy!

 We love our dogs.  I mean, we LOVE our dogs.  Roxy misses Pyro, but Rose is quickly becoming a friend to her.
 This little thing actually herds my fifty pound pit bull.  She literally comes up to Roxy's ankles.  It cracks me up to see her barking and cutting off Roxy's full speed charge.  And she's a chicken with any adult humans. 

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