Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Bloom

If you've been following my blog this season, you would know that this spring has been unprecedented.  Its been warm, gorgeous and just plain lovely.  I purchased a rose bush at Lowe's and was SUPER nervous about it not surviving the skillz that this woman has at killing living plants.  I left it indoors by our garage door for nearly two weeks.  It started to sprout so I figured I should probably plant it outside.  But I didn't follow any of the directions with mulch, tarps and vitamins.  Maybe that's the reason I kill everything?  I dug a hole, filled it with potting soil and plopped that sucker in there.  Almost a month later.... and a few snow showers later and this is what surprised me tonight when I got home from running errands.  It made me incredibly happy! 

I am super excited for when we get back from Michigan.  We are filling the garden beds in the front of our house with flowers.  Sparkle and I planted some freesia about two months ago.  We have plants about a foot tall, without any flowers yet.  Some of the beds are doing better than others.  One of the garden beds have a whole slew of plants.  The previous homeowner said that they are four o'clocks.  But there are two different plants and I have no idea which ones are which.  Mulch and some gorgeous plants are in my future and I can't wait!

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