Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Bag Swap is Underway!

The first annual busy bag swap here at Sprouting a Little Nostalgia is underway!!!  The swap filled up in less than two weeks!  Everyone has their assignments and we are busy getting everything made!  I am thrilled at already having received some bags! 

If you missed this one, I am hosting another swap that will be announced around August.  This one will be for slightly older chitlins.  Elementary ages 5-8 years old.  Most of the activities that we did for toddlers can also be enjoyed at this age as well.  See that post * here *  But I planned twenty NEW activities!  Some of the activities that I have chosen are shaped crayons, math pattern shape blocks and felt food!  If you would like be first to know about new swaps, please subscribe to this blog and find me on facebook!  These swaps are AMAZING to supplement public, private and homeschooled kids.  The younger aged swap was meant to occupy your younger children when you need them to be.  Maybe it's while you make some phone calls, catch up on some work or while your teaching school with your older children.  But it's educational.  I know that Sprout TV is fantastic, but I'm pretty sure that it's not something that you want your child watching every single day.  We allow one movie/show per week for our littles.  I am planning on doing another younger aged swap in the future because I had such a huge response to this one.  Again subscribe to this blog and facebook to stay in the loop!!  If you have any suggestions please send them to me!

The first difference between this swap and the new one coming, is going to be the price for shipping.  After realizing that the bags aren't going to fit into the flat rate box I originally thought they would, I am going to have to increase the shipping to allow for the bigger flat rate box.


  1. for any APO people signed up, the large flat rate, if shipped to an APO address, is a bit cheaper than usual :)

  2. Yes, absolutely they can sign up! I don't know if it's cheaper because I use the flat rate boxes.