Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Signs Field Trip

I was so excited when Sparkle's dance competition was switched from today until tomorrow!  The Baby Signs field trip was scheduled for today and I REALLY wanted to be able to go, because both of my girls LOVE the Baby Signs program.  Miss Becca is a real joy to be around and I love my time with her!  Today's field trip was to the Botanical Gardens. 

We learned the signs for "flower," "bee," and "play."  We sang songs with the little ones and Shine learned the signs pretty quickly.  She's turning into quite the little pro.  We had a door to door salesman corner me while I was getting my girls out of the truck and Shine was signing the signs for "all done" and then "eat."  In toddler terms, "please be quiet and let my mom feed me."  It was hysterical!  The man was shocked that someone so small could use sign language to communicate so effectively. 

Shine LOVES Beebo the Bear!  She used to be terrified of him, but she absolutely loves him now.  Miss. Becca had to teach her the sign for bear because she kept signing "book" when she saw him.  Here is is waving to him.
 Beebo is a big hit with the other kids too!  Big and small alike were mimicking signs and asking what other signs were.
 Miss. Becca is teaching the sign for "flower" and using this flower as a visual aid.  It was amazing to watch them pick up the signs so quickly.
 We love you too, Beebo!

 Nadia was quite enthralled with the other baby that came. 

 Beebo and Miss Becca teaching the sign for flower.
 The big kidlets.
 And lovely Miss. Becca.

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