Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where the Magic Happens

Several of you lovelies have asked me about my art room and where the magic all happens...  So I figured I would show you!

My art room is pretty small when you think that we have a six bedroom house.  I should have chosen the master bedroom as my art room, but I think that would have been a tad selfish.  Maybe?  We just moved into this house in October/November and it suits us great.  There are lots of things that I want to do to the house but those will all be on other posts.  This one is just about my art room.

My baby of this room is my art table.  Its precious to me.  My dad and I built it when I first got married.  This thing is my dream.  I designed it on graph paper and then faxed it to my dad six states away.  When he came out to visit, we built the thing in my garage in the middle of Wyoming.  My dryer vent went out into the garage, so I turned on my dryer to kick some heat out into the garage.  To give you a feel for how cold it was, our pipes burst in our walls the same day.  I lived on base housing because I was active duty military, so the repair guys were less than helpful...

 I keep my sewing machine on the table.  My kids are allowed supervised reign in this room to spur their creativity and I never want to be in a situation where it would be compromised.  It was no cheap investment. 
 Isn't that a pretty sight?  All cleaned off and ready to start a new project!

That is hardwood flooring on the top and its fabulous.  I can hammer on it, stand on it, push it, shove it...pretty much anything that you want to do, you can.  Right on the table.  Its amazing!  I am constantly amazed at how durable it is.  I've had this table for almost nine years and it still looks brand new.  And the top unscrews from the base so that it's super easy to transport.  I'd offer a tutorial on how to make your own, but I don't have the plans anymore.  I could probably draw some up for you guys if I have interest in it.  This table is also huge.  Its 8 foot by 4 foot and fabulously amazing to have that big.  Every single house that we've been in, I've been blessed to have been able to always have room for it.

My Cricut is also one of my babies.  This is my second one.  I had the Cricut Create for about three years and just upgraded last year for Mother's Day.  I absolutely love it.  I do everything with this puppy.
 I swear it's not an addiction.  I promise...
 Here is a current project that I am working on.  This is Shine's floor quilt.  My kids LOVE to spread blankets on the floor and scoot over them, have picnics on them, and make tents.  And I encourage the snot out of this play.  Imaginative play is the best thing for kids to do.  It teaches them to think outside the box and that it's okay to think differently than the cattle flow of people.'s the basket of unfinished projects that I am working on too.  And I'm not taking pictures of the quilt behind me that is also being worked on.  Its the kaleidoscope quilt my friend made for me.
 And this is the reason why I have so many projects....I stock up during the summer with fabric for projects and quilts so that I don't end up spending $700 right around Christmas.  Ick.  So I stock up during the summer, usually between April and November.  I do one project a month.  Typically fabric for a quilt will cost anywhere between $60 (if I'm super blessed to find a sale on designer fabric) and $150.  And that includes the fabric for piecing the quilt top, the back and the binding.  The one pictured is Fandango by Moda.  This is about half of what I need and I will be ordering more to finish it.
 This is my super happy owl plate.  I have a serious love for owls.  Shine's room is done in owls and I love it! Pink and turquoise is her room and its so calming and warm!  But this little guy usually has my iPhone, tid bits of what I am working on and camera gear on him. 
This is how I organize my ribbon.  I got mason jars and screw a lid ring on.  I take off the sealing cap so it just looks like a lid is on.  I put one color family in each jar.  This is an awesome way to organize your ribbon because you can see everything that's in it.

I keep all my office supplies and sewing pins in four ounce mason jars stacked and looking nice and neat.  I'm going to make chalkboard vinyl labels for them like I did for my kitchen pantry.  Its nice having them on display so that I don't have to dig through a desk to find one stinking paperclip.

My fabric is kept in these totes.  I organize it all by collection.  So all my Riley Blake Sweet Divinity is all kept in a gallon size freezer bag and then stored upright.  So to find what I am looking for, I just finger through them like a file cabinet.  I do this for every different collection.  And then I have one of scraps.  Most of the scraps I have are from fabric that I bought not in a collection.  Those remnants are put in a separate tote.

I have these super fun totes that I got at Target and I keep art families in.  So like soap making is in one tote, craft punches are in another and then drawing supplies are in different one.  It works awesome.  Again, I am going to make chalkboard labels for these too.  

This basket keeps past Bible studies and inspiration magazines in it.  I keep reference books and binders next to it so that I don't have to dig all over the place to find what I am looking for.  

I organize all my projects in binders.  I love knowing exactly what type of project is in each one and where I can find it.  I have sewing, quilting, paper, scrapbooking, crafts to do with the kiddos, and inspiration. 

All my scrapbook paper and cardstock is separated by color and theme on a tower.  I think I snagged this at hobby lobby at 50% off several years ago.
These two totes hold my smash journal and supplies and memorabilia that I haven't "smashed" yet. 

I had a friend introduce me to this little guy several years ago too.  This is a cuttlebug and it embosses cardstock for greeting cards.  I've made bookmarks and photo dividers and box labels with it too.

And who couldn't use a reminder of your gifts?  Those photos are mounted on wooden blocks and then distressed.  Super cute!

 This is also my office.  Even with a six bedroom house, it always seems like you run out of rooms.  But I actually LOVE my office in my art room because the window gets all the light in the late morning and afternoon and the sun hits the wall behind me.  So I still get all the sunshine that I love, but it stays out of my way when I am editing or designing.  And get this, this room is in my basement.  You never would have been able to guess with all that natural light!  I have a garden level basement and it's perfect!  God knew just what He was doing!

Future plans for this room means replacing the rickity sporadic shelving for storage cubes and white shelves.  It also includes putting wainscoting over the fabulous wood paneling.  I really do love my corner of the house.  Its not to say that my crafting doesn't overtake the family room, dining room and living room, sometimes all at the same time.  Making curtains or pinning a quilt can't be done in this room without spilling over into another one.  

So, now you know my art room and how fab my table is!  Thanks dad!

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