Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monster Applique Tank

Sparkle asked for a monster birthday party this year.  I start planning parties about 8-12 months in advance and this one is no different.  Unfortunately for both Sparkle and I, she has been extremely disobedient and sneaking toys to places that she was not supposed to...for two weeks in a row...every single day.  So she lost her big birthday party this year as well as candy for two weeks and her Easter basket.  I was totally bummed because this party was going to be amazing!  I will be blogging about it later.

Sparkle wanted this gorgeous dress that I found a pattern for online that is absolutely stunning.  Sadly, I took away the things that she wanted the most so that she would get the point.  Its so hard watching her little face every time she brings it up and I have to remind her that she isn't getting those things this time.  She gets pretty disappointed.  But I am also a stickler at making sure she feels very special about her big day.  This is the day God said that she would be born into this world and it's something that should be matter what.  So, I came up with this idea.  Her party colors are turquoise, red, purple and lime green.  Bright, loud, and high contrast, as my dad would say.  Here it is!

Isn't that adorable?!?!?  It was Sparkle's idea to put the six on his tummy and I think it looks great!!!

Well here's the tute!

  • 3-4 fabric pieces.  I used remnants from other projects.  I went to hobby lobby and asked for a swatch of the black...which was free.
  • A shirt or tank top, which I pulled from Sparkle's closet, which was also free.
  • Permanent Heat 'n' Bond, from Walmart which was around $3.50
  • Cricut cartridge in Mini Monsters, $23 from eBay brand new

I started out by cutting two different sizes of the monster outline using my Cricut and the cartridge "Mini Monsters."  I cut a size 5.25 and 7 to get a feel of how big it really would be.

Here's the actual size difference between the two monster cutouts.

I positioned each on the tank top I had in Sparkle's closet.  It happened to be from the Children's Place and worked beautifully.  The 5.25" was too small and the 7" was much too large. 
I cut a 6.5" monster and tested that out.  I fit just right.  So determine the size that you think looks best for the shirt that you are putting it on.  Cut a piece of the fabric for the body that fits your design.  Try to get a tad bit bigger than your shape to give it room to be cut on your Cricut.
Flip your fabric over to the wrong side and cut a piece of heat 'n' bond to fit your fabric.  Cut your heat 'n' bond about a 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric so it doesn't stick to your iron when you iron it.

 Peel away the paper backing from your fabric.
It should look shiny and tacky.
Position it on your cutting mat.
Using your fist, press your fabric VERY firmly onto the cutting mat.  This is very important, because fabric stretches and moves around when it is being cut.  I originally tried this without attaching anything to the fabric and it pulled and didn't cut at all.

It should look really smooth, like this.
Send it through your Cricut machine.
 And it should look like this.  Don't worry if the fabric doesn't cut all the way through at first. 
Using scissors cut the remaining threads that didn't cut all the way through.  This is cheap fabric from hobby lobby.  I did notice that designer fabric worked much better for this project than less expensive fabric.  The thinner the fabric the less it cut well.
 Here is what it should look like once all the threads are cut.
Position your little monster onto your shirt and iron it down.  *this is the important part.  Make sure that you're using the permanent heat 'n' bond and not the temporary one.  I ran out of the permanent one and ran to the store to grab more. Between a six year old who wanted nothing to do with being in hobby lobby right before I was supposed to make dinner and a toddler who was fed up with the day, I was in a hurry needless to say...  I grabbed the wrong one and ended up having to stitch the whole design instead of just the outline.
 I used the number 4 zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and stitched all the way around my monster.  Next time I will probably assemble and iron my entire design before stitching around the shape.
 Stitch around your entire design...yes...even those annoying toes.
 Iron on all the shapes and stitch around them.

Sparkle wanted to add the number six to his adorable little belly.
Here is a close up of all the different parts of my little monster.  It is super adorable and even cuter in person!  Sparkle really loves it!

I am in love with this super simple tank.  And Sparkle looks adorable in it!
 I've come to realize that she is growing up.  She is all arms and legs!

I am doing a twirl skirt in the turquoise fabric tomorrow.  I am thinking about adding a cute applique lettering to it.


  1. I was just trying to figure out how to use my cricut to do this yesterday for some large monogram letters! :) Perfect timing L!

  2. I'd love to see you final product!! I'm so glad it helped you! Lol