Thursday, April 26, 2012

Europe Mission Trip

This is being transferred from my old blog to this one.  I hope you enjoy this trip as much as I did, despite all the craziness that happened while I was there!

I will be posting all my posts on being in Europe here.  I was going to try to just post everything on the main page, but I think there will be too many post to keep them all jumbled up there.  This is the parent page.  All the details will be in the sub pages of this one.  Here is what has happened in a time line so far. This will be updated day to day as my trip progresses.

10 am Mountain Time: My plane departs for Washington DC.
4:10  pm Eastern Time: I land in DC and grab some food.
5 pm Eastern Time:  My plane departs from DC and heads towards Copenhagen, Denmark.  Its an 8 hour flight.

7:15 am Denmark Time:  My plane lands and the chaos begins.
11 am Denmark Time:  I get to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
12 pm Denmark Time:  I eat a fabulous lunch and people watch.
1 pm Denmark Time:  I finally am able to sleep after 24 hours of being awake.
7 pm Denmark Time:  I make my way downstairs for dinner.  Ox meat.  Wonderful!
8 pm Denmark Time: I head back up to my room, find an English speaking news channel and watch the updates on the volcano in Iceland.  I write in my blog, do some more homework, talk to friends and family on Facebook.
10 pm Denmark Time:  Time for bed.

3 am Denmark Time:  I am awake as awake I can be.
4 am Denmark Time:  I finally crawl out of bed, eat some breakfast that I brought with me.
5 am Denmark Time:  I crawl back in bed to attempt some more rest.
6 am Denmark Time: I get up and start to get ready for my day.
6:30 am Denmark Time:  Breakfast downstairs.  The most amazing breakfast that I’ve ever had!
7 am Denmark Time: I head up to my room to call SAS airlines…again… no answer for 2 hours.
9 am Denmark Time:  I decide that I’m going to head downtown.
9:30 am Denmark Time:  I arrive downtown via the train.  It’s a beautiful city!
10 am Denmark Time:  I find the Queen’s square and explore a little.  Around 10:30 am the police begin to herd us all into the tight middle part of the square.
11:45 am Denmark Time:  The palace guards begin a parade.
12 pm Denmark Time:  The Queen appears in the balcony with her family.
1 pm Denmark Time:  I find an exit from the square that hasn’t been blocked off for the queen’s parade and head out.
1:30 pm:  I spotted a small pizzeria on my way to the queen’s square and I head my way back towards it.  Being pregnant and standing for the last several hours, I was tired and really had to use the restroom.  ;)   I order some good pizza and sit down to relax and enjoy a Danish coke. (Alicia…it puts Mexican coke to shame…)
2:30 pm Denmark Time:  I met a junior in college from the USA who is studying abroad here.  She showed me around a little bit and then directed me back to the train station.
4 pm Denmark Time:  I get back to the hotel and crash for a nap!
7 pm Denmark Time:  I wake up and call Expedia one more time.  This time I finally get somewhere.  Although that one phone call cost me $200, I got a flight to Manchester for this Tuesday…
8 pm Denmark Time:  I do some editing of pictures, post to blog and facebook, talk to family, find out my daughter has hand, foot and mouth disease and there is nothing I can do about it. (Update, it wasn't hand, foot and mouth.  It was something called hsp2.)
11:30 pm Denmark Time:  I sit for some quite time with God.

6 am Denmark Time:  My day begins
6:30 am Denmark Time:  Another fabulous breakfast at the hotel
7:30 am Denmark Time:  I head up to my room to get ready for the day
8 am Denmark Time:  Some prayer and quite time.
9 am Denmark Time:  I head downstairs for an update from the hotel on SAS picking up my tab until Tuesday

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