Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day Two

Day two has begun and I am hopeful that today will be relaxing, but still brings answers and solutions.  I am still in Denmark and contacting Expedia to get a flight out.  I had breakfast at the hotel and I am still completely amazed at the quality of food in this country.  Everything is fresh.  Fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh baked breads in every shape and consistency that can be imagined, fresh eggs and sauteed mushrooms, even fresh milk.  I know that I am not supposed to be eating unpasteurized foods, but I couldn’t resist!  It was AMAZING!!!  They had fresh meats and cheeses that in the states are considered a delicacy.  I had one of the best omelets that I have ever had.  I am totally disgusted that the US has turned out food supply into worthless junk.  Maybe we’ll move to Europe…. ;)

After breakfast I attempted to call Expedia again.  Without anything being accomplished.  So I just shrugged my shoulders and made my way downstairs.  I bought a train ticket at the front desk and after being re-affirmed several times that it was easy, I headed to the train station.  It’s a strange thing that everyone here speaks English and Danish. They’re street names and train stops are all in Danish so I was really nervous about being able to remember where I was going and came from.  I had things circled all over my map.  But I made it to the stop circled in a big black line on my map and jumped off.  Walking out of the train station and up onto the street was like walking into a dream.  Beautiful building lined the narrow streets.  Squares in the middle of some streets rang with people’s laughter and conversation.  There were so many people, but the volume of the noise was much softer than I expected.

People on bikes were everywhere!  These are very simple and clean people.  The shops were not jam packed with products for people to buy, they were simple and neatly displayed with only enough items to display on walls.  So much different than America.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking in all the display windows and not being bombarded with stuff everywhere.
Another really neat thing, was at the palace, the queen had palace guards everywhere.  They had a similar routine as the US Marines at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers in Washington DC.  They were stunning and looked like teenage boys.

Between the fountain and the cathedral was the palace square that was HUGE!

The Danes love their country!
So this is it from day two. Tomorrow I am thinking out going to the King’s Garden and the mall.  My hotel is right across the street from the largest mall in Scandinavia.  So until tomorrow!  God bless!

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