Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day Six

I am asking that all that read this take a moment and pray for my little girl.  Two days before I left she began to get very sick.  The doctor’s originally thought that it was 5th Disease.  But after she hasn’t gotten any better in the last few days, she was retested. Strong spent three hours at the pediatrics center and they told him that she has mono.  The mono brought on another disease called HsP2.  Which makes her immune system attack the joints and makes them flare up like she has arthritis.  My daughter is 3 years old and in an incredible amount of pain.  It breaks my heart that I’m not there with her.  Please pray that she heals quickly and that God would allow her not to be in pain.  Pray that my aching heart is strengthened and that I am comforted. 

This day began earlier than normal because Angie and I were on a mission for some scones for breakfast.  We walked the city going to every bakery known to her hoping that just one was open at 8 am.  Which none were.  We hopped over to Starbucks and got some coffee, then we headed to the office.  Angie refused to even let me walk past her flat until I had run upstairs and gotten some breakfast.

When I arrived at the office I began to finish editing the photos that I had taken the previous day and update my blog.  I took some more pictures of the office staff and got some more information on what they did.  My conversation with Caroline was probably one of the most difficult ones that I’ve ever gone through.  She told me about how she works with getting children and missionaries sponsored through Gospel for Asia and the mentality of those children.  I had no idea that children in certain parts of Asia are treated as the untouchables.  Its a heartbreaking self-racism that ripped my heart out.  The lower class children are not treated tenderly as children should, they are treated as barely human and loathed beyond leapers.  Children that grow up without understanding that they are precious and a gift.  They don’t think they have any impact on the world around them or that they have a purpose here on Earth.  They have never heard the gospel, much less wrap their heads around the fact that Jesus loves them and died for them.  When GFA sends national missionaries to them, and they are able to hear the gospel, many of the children accept Christ and then tell their families.  Whole villages get saved through their untouchable children.  It’s amazing to think that the UK office is England’s link to Asia.  It’s a way for the church here in the UK to make an impact on Asia.  They plant 17 churches every single day all across Asia.  Its unbelievable.

Brian and I started videotaping a tour of the office as a welcome video for supporters for GFA.  We ate lunch as a team and then began interviews of the staff for the same video.  This video will enable the staff here at GFA to be able to send a DVD to their home churches and supporters.  Prayerfully it will be a way for them to raise more support and give updates on what they are able to do as part of GFA.

I am taking a group staff photo tonight before the prayer meeting at 6 pm.  But here are the staff members for the Gospel for Asia in the UK.

Brian and Mindy will be up tomorrow.  We’re taking their family photos tomorrow.
This is a family the volunteers a lot for GFA.

Here is their website for more information on exactly what they’re doing here in the UK and in Asia.

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