Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We spent a relaxing day at home yesterday.  Sparkle's teacher called on New Years Day to remind us that she didn't have school on Monday.  That was amazing because I would have taken her into school, but instead we got to have her all day long the day we left.  It was wonderful!  The joys of private school!  We watched the Michigan State game and the game was so intense!  They won and it added a little huuuurahhh! into our day! 

I wish that I would have remembered to take pictures of Skylar opening her gift from us.  I wanted something to distract her from the fact that we were leaving.  And a little reminder that she is just as special to us as her sister.  She joyfully opened her gifts and was so excited that it softened the blow for her, I think.  Her grandma was going to be playing Squinkees all afternoon with her!  The card my husband picked out for her was perfect. Little fireflies in a jar, smiles on wings.  Perfect. 

We scooted out the door and had to come back three times for things that we forgot.  Oh well.  The drive was wonderful.  The mountains purple with the sun going down behind them.  The mountains are almost like a security blanket to me and my family.  We spend so much time on top of them and thinking of God's glory that nothing else truly compares to them.  In Michigan we have the lakes and when we are on them, we are at home.  Michigan is another world from anywhere else that I have ever been.  It will always be my home.  But the mountains, the mountains are something much different. 

We had a minor hiccup when we checked into the hotel, but God took care of us.  We are praying to be able to check into the Ronald McDonald house tomorrow morning or tonight.  They are full in Aurora and the next closest one is ten miles away.  We are really wanting to stay right next to the hospital so that we can have access to all the meals I brought and relaxing time not in a hospital.

Our room is really spectacular at the hotel and I am very grateful and blessed that we didn't have to pay for this.  Some very gracious people donated money that paid for our two nights here.  I have no idea who they are, but I am thanking God for them.

Today is a long day of meeting the staff, a hospital tour and testing for Serious to make sure she's fit enough for the surgery.  I am praying that she passes all those tests and that nothing comes up that would delay this.  I am much more nervous that I thought I would be for this whole thing to be started.  Serious is full of smiles and goofiness and has no idea what is in store for her.  She will miss her nap time today and be poked and prodded all day.  I am praying for a happy attitude for her despite all the chaos around her. 

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  1. Accidently used a real name..
    Praying for you.
    Love yall.