Thursday, December 15, 2011


(From old blog. May 28, 2010)

So now that my morning sickness, (afternoon sickness, can't stand the smell of dinner cooking sickness, just gonna sit on the couch and suck on Jolly Ranchers sickness...) is finally gone...  I say "finally" lightly.  I only had to deal with it for a week, poor me.  But it came the last week of my first trimester.  How weird.  Maybe has something to do with getting off a drug to help me stay pregnant.  They said it could make me feel terrible.   I haven't felt like blogging much the last few weeks.  I was overwhelmed with finals, graduating, family visiting, planning and executing a huge birthday and open house bash, and having a child overcoming hsp2.  But now that summer is finally in full swing, I feel very blessed.  Wyoming seemed to have a bad case of proving Global Warming to be, indeed false.  We had snow two weeks ago and then two days later tornado storms (three in one day...) and then an 85 degree morning and afternoon followed by a 50 degree late afternoon and evening.   YUCK!  But for the last few days we have had unbelievable great weather!  I'm orginally from Michigan so all the rain we're getting is almost like heaven to me!  Poor locals don't know what to do with themselves...  It really makes me laugh!
This is the first year that we've had grass in our backyard and we are enjoying every second of it!  I will be posting pictures later of all our adventures in the last few days.  It's been wonderful just being able to be outside on grass and not have it be dusty weeds.  It's amazing!
We are overjoyed that our baby, which is a boy, is doing so healthy!  I am entering into my second trimester and God is so good to us!  It really is amazing at the health problems that we sometimes can bring on ourselves because of unconfessed sin.  The bible tells us to confess our sins to each other and I was NOT a big fan of that.  In my mind, and not condemning myself here because I am forgiven and a precious child of the Most High God, because I was refusing to confess something to my husband, I brought all these miscarriages upon myself.  I live in freedom from this and I am not feeling guilty about this in an unholy way.  I did that for a while before I realized that God needed to bring me to a place where I could be right where He wanted me to be.  If you need clarification on this, or want to hear the story in it's full version,  please email me.  I will fill in the gaps for you.  But because of loving obedience, I am now carrying a little boy whose name is Asher.  It means happy and blessed.  Just what he is for us.

(Update: we did NOT have a boy!  We had a little girl, Serious.)

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