Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sparta! Prepare for Glory!

(From old blog.  Feb 22, 2010)

I know it's a little taboo in the church, but I absolutely L-O-V-E a good action flick.  I loathe sappy chick flicks.  I know.  I am so weird.  But one of my all time favorite movies is 300.  I love the leadership principles and the love Leonidus and his queen share and the loyalty his men show him.  He doesn't demand respect, he's a man who earns it because of his strength of character.  I've been involved with leadership development for the last 7 years and I crave people in my life that are willing to draw the line in the sand and stand upon it.  Those people create a healthy hysteria in "normal" America and I love it.  Not in a"Let's Stir the Pot" hysteria, but a godly one of, "No more.  You will not go any farther."
My husband is such a man.
Our church is putting on a men's retreat called Preparing for War.  I got goosebumps watching the intro video.  I almost starting crying with a fervent passion for some warrior MEN to be raised up in the church who are willing to do a bloody battle for their women and children.  Not these flimsy men that wilt at the first sight bloody from a paper cut.  No thanks.  God created men in His warrior image with His fierce love and devotion.  Come on men, let's see this side of you.  K, I'm done with my soapbox.  This is something I feel very strongly about.
Well, I came across this blog from A Virtuous Woman called Woman of Sparta so of course it caught my attention.  (There's a part of me that loves the battle between good and evil.  Thankfully God already won that battle, so we just get the thrill of battle, knowing that we already win...  Two thumbs way, way up Jesus!)  I saw this post about the Valentine conversation hearts and just had to post a link!

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