Friday, December 9, 2011

Polar Express

The story of the Polar Express is absolutely adorable and one that has quickly become a favorite of our family.  Sparkle is in dance class for her third year.  We love the dance studio that she attends and the teachers are amazing.  During the Christmas season they put on a special dance performance called, of course, The Polar Express.  The gets tons of little ones in elf and tree costumes and put on a show.  Some parents get involved during the Northern Lights scene of the show.  This is a very special time for me.  I get to dance with my beautiful little Sparkle!  She is in a couple different scenes.  One being The Northern Lights and one as a reindeer.  I am super excited about this for several reasons: one being that I get to dance with her and the other one is that I haven't actually been on a stage in 15 years and the third reason is that my husband has never seen me dance.  Ever.

Sparkle was in this performance last year as a snowflake and was the cutest thing on the stage!  I know that she will be beaming as we perform together!  She's beautiful and a year older than last year.  I know her daddy will be watching from his seat grinning from ear to ear.  This is her last year, the little cutie right there in front dancing her little heart out!

So as December is quickly filling with cookie swaps and dinners and outings, I am also preparing with my oldest daughter a ballet filled with Christmas cheer.  One of my friends could be mistaken for a Who from the Grinch.  You know...the one who wins the Christmas Cheermister Award.  She is a gorgeous and fun lady who is literally dripping with the Christmas Spirit!  I am going to invite her to this performance and share our own Christmas cheer with her!

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