Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Eve

In our house, we have this fun little thing where we let the kids open a small Christmas gift on Christmas Eve morning.  Almost like we're warming up for the real deal the next morning.  Sparkle got to open hers first, sadly I wasn't able to even get any pictures of her.  She moved way to fast.  I think she's a pro.  She got to open something with teeny pieces.  Right up her alley.  She loves things with small things that she can make into a set.  Its really cute to listen to her act out what she's feeling at the moment. 
 Bed head and jammies and all!
Serious on the other hand was not so anxious to peel off all that sparkly paper!  She was content making noise with it.

 These are my beautiful girls!

 And here are their gifts!  All ready to be tore into tomorrow!  I am very excited!

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