Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Christmas Cheer

I saw this gorgeous advent calendar on Martha Stewart's website and I instantly fell in love.  I saw it last year and desperately wanted to do it, but like every other year, I got too busy.  I actually had an excuse last year...I had a brand new baby...

This year I vowed to do it and I ordered my supplied in August just to make sure that I actually had time to procrastinate it.  Sick.  I know.  But anywho, I bought the glitter glue last year (with every intent of making it) and I ordered the cute little tins this year.  I don't have any pictures of the process, sorry about that.  But Martha does a good enough job on her own.

Here is my version.  I couldn't get the black numbers to dry edge to edge to eliminate that white outline.  Next year, I think I'm going to re-do the numbers and just purchase black glitter paper and cut out the number from that.  I also skipped the whole cutting out the number by hand nonsense from Martha's tutorial.  I used my cricut and cut out the circles and numbers.  That seriously saved me millions of hours of time that I'd rather be doing something else.  And the glitter glue also made the circles all wonky after it dried.  So I resorted to bending it back and popping some of the numbers loose.

I filled those bad boys with Christmas colored Skittles, Squinkees, and sets of cutsy little earrings.  Sparkle says her favorite colors are red and green because of Christmas, so she got red and green Skittles to eat all month long!

I also found these adorable printable teeny cards on Happy Home Fairy and folded them and put them in the tins too.  So each day we get to open a tin and inside Sparkle will find candy, a small little gift and a Bible verse that will add a little more to the story of Jesus' birth.  

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