Thursday, October 2, 2014

DoTERRA Essential Oils

One of the adventures that I started this year was learning everything I could about essential oils.  I am a long time believer that God provided us with a wealth of medical power right in our own hands.  I would love to say that He gave us exactly what we need to aid in every medical issue, but I don't know the extent of just what we posses.  I am impressed with just how amazing He is every time I see an oil help.  It actually blows my mind.

I scoured everything I could find about how to apply, where to apply, and which to combine to get  maximum effectiveness.  I still have so much to learn and with cold and flu season approaching, I thought I would give some tips on how to prevent and aid in shortening the effects if you do contract a cold or the flu.  I would suggest purchasing these oils that I recommend here in the Family Physician kit, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, Wild Orange and Purify.  You will receive all the oils I mention here and some of them are pretty pricy individually, but in the kit, it's very affordable.  You can purchase all these kits, oils and carrier oils here.

First, apply On Guard Essential Oil in the neat (not diluting in a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil) to the bottom of your feet every night for adults.  Dilute 2 drops of On Guard to 10 drops of coconut oil for kids.  When you dilute in a carrier oil, you are lessening the chance of the oils irritating the skin, as well as allowing the oils to be absorbed into the skin quickly and covering more area, making them much more affective.

Then, create a linen spray using 10 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Wild Orange and 1 cup of water to a small spray bottle.  Spray your pillow and sheet right before going to bed.  This will aid you in resting well to keep your immune system strong.  Both of these oils are antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.  It will kill the yuckies in your bed and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Take your Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements daily.  These aid your body in healing at the cellular level.  Better cells lead to a healthier immune system which leads to better health.  Period.

To help with sore throats, scratchy throats, lemon honey tea is amazing!  The honey coats and aids in healing and the lemon fights bacteria and viruses.  I would recommend raw local honey.

To aid in breaking fevers apply peppermint, lavender and frankincense to the bottoms of your feet diluted in carrier oil.

To help with respiratory issues, try this DIY All Natural Vicks Vapor Rub.  Instead of all the individual oils, you can use the oil blend, Breathe, which is safe for babies, toddlers and kids.

Diffuse Purify in a cold air, ionizer diffuser. 

I hope this helps keep your family healthy this cold and flu season!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exploration Journal Introduction

This has been on my heart for some time now.  And I am so excited to be able to reveal this!  This is what I am calling an Exploration Journal.  This is where you will be exploring yourself.  I couldn't give this idea a voice until I saw a quote a few days ago and it completely solidified the thought.  The quote was "May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me." by Tracie Ellis Ross.  That was exactly what I needed to put a focus on this project.  And you'll have to forgive me.  I just had surgery yesterday so I am on prescription pain medication so I am sure the photos are stellar...

And you can see my notes for this project were quite extensive.  I worked pretty late into the night because I couldn't sleep.  These pain meds don't do well for me.  I have been using my DoTerra oils and those have been saving me during this whole process.

I wanted a writing outlet where I could share my heart.  I didn’t want to answer meaningless questions or not have the freedom to explore it in depth.  I searched Pinterest and found writing prompts but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  I wanted a way to explore myself, my thoughts, my desire to change.  I wanted growth.  I wanted a place to see my own handwriting and be able to pass it down to my children.  Technology is on the rise and this is becoming a lost art form.  Don’t loose yourself in the endless void.  Write your heart down.  It’s worth remembering.  Every dark corner, every brief memory, every weakness.  You have the power to change yourself.

Each week I have provided an idea prompt.  I have left each day as a way to explore the idea for the entire week.  I wanted to provide the freedom to really dig into each response.  Look for ways to focus on different ideas within the same idea.  There are really no rules.  Focus on the positive.  There will be some very hard answers, but try to end each day on a positive note.   Feel free to research and dig into this.  Your answers and research don’t have to own your day.  We are all busy, but take five minutes before you start or end your day and focus on growing yourself.

Feel free to art journal, color coordinate, tape, attach photos to your pages.  I purposely left the pages without lines because I wanted you to be able to decorate to your hearts content.  Look outside the lines.

I will be offering five free downloads of this journal at the full reveal.  Email me at and I will give a free download to the first five people who email me.  The downloads are all taken!

These will be available on my Etsy shop for $15 for digital downloads.  I will not be offering these fully printed.  They don't take very long to whip up yourself.  Laminate the cover using 10mm lamination and spiral bind this bad boy and you're all set.  Stick it in a binder if you don't want to laminate it.  Keep in mind that you will be using this for an entire year.  Make sure it is sturdy enough to with stand a year's worth of use. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Journey Just Got Real

We had Lovely's Gastroenterology appointment this morning at the Denver Children's Hospital.  So at 8 am I packed up my three daughters and headed down to Denver.  My husband stayed home because we thought this was going to be an uneventful appointment and he had just worked the night shift.  "I got this." I told myself.  A little blood work, a little discussion, no big deal.  I've dealt with way more before.

When we arrived things started of normal enough.  They recorded her family history since they hadn't seen her before.  I felt a little disoriented because the Sparkle was begging me for her iPod and Shine was too busy sticking her owl stickers to the toddler chair.  Finally, what seemed like an eternity, the talking was over.  Miss Stephanie, as she called herself, pulled out her stethoscope and moved in for the kill exam.  As soon as that instrument touched Lovely's chest, she said the words that I have dreaded since December 2011... "Did you know she has a heart murmur?"  My heart stopped.  A million things went through my head.  The loudest one was screaming in my ears, "ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?!!?" And the runner up, "I can't do this again...."  But I barely had a chance to catch my breath before they whisked her away to the exam table to finish up. 

They continued until they were quite sure they had a diagnosis and the next step I needed to take.  First up, Lovely's was extremely constipated.  She is already on a prescription laxative and has been since I introduced solids at ten months.  She probably has fecal matter compacted all the way through her intestines.  We had a abdominal x-ray done today to check that.  She also had an enema and has to go through a "cleanse" tomorrow, which includes getting a laxative every two hours...all day. 

She is also being tested for celiac disease.  I took her completely off gluten at twelve months and she gained four pounds in two months. I know in my heart that she has a gluten issue.  I also think she might have an issue with corn, dairy, oats and sugar.  When I was nursing her I had INCREDIBLE body pain.  It was so bad that I couldn't walk, carry things, open anything, use my hands or basically be any use to anyone around me.  It was intense and constant.  I was tested from a Naturopathic doctor and it was discovered that I had an issue with those same things.  I've never had a problem with them in my life.  Once I stopped breastfeeding, it went away completely.  Lovely has joint problems as well.  They click and are incredibly painful for her.  She would cry hysterically when getting her diaper changed if I pulled on her feet to lift her up to scoot the diaper under her.  Or when changing her clothes and if I caught her fingers, even minutely.  Once I took the gluten out of her diet, within a month, those symptoms went away completely.  I always know if she has gotten gluten in something because her joints will click again.  It's very strange. 

They also discovered that Lovely has a sacral dimple, which I knew she had but my pediatrician said that I didn't need to worry about it with her or Shine. Shine's was much more prominent that Lovely's.  Combine the sacral dimple with not have good muscle tone in her legs, delayed motor skills and we have a recipe for disaster.  The doctor is pretty confident that Lovely's spinal cord is fused to her sacrum, which it's not supposed to be.  It's supposed to hang free at the base of your spine.  They referred her to the Neurosurgeon.  When talking about this with the doctor, I brought up Shine's dimple.  She asked me a few questions, "Does she have pretty poor balance?" and "Does she complain about leg pain?"  Both of these were very strong yeses.  When I showed her Shine's dimple, I was told, "I need to get you over to the Neurosurgeon immediately."  I've brought both of these issues up with our pediatrician before without ever realizing that they were connected.  I was told not to worry about them.  Both girls will have to undergo a spinal MRI done under anesthesia in the very near future to determine if and where the spinal cord is fused.  They will both need to have spine surgery and have their spinal cord severed where it attaches to their sacrum.  Hopefully this will correct the low muscle tone, leg pain and delayed motor skills.

The doctor was also very concerned with Shine's chromosome 22 defect.  Just on the way down to Denver today I was talking on the phone with a dear friend who's son has an extremely rare disease and I told her that I wasn't sure that I wanted to find out if Shine had this defect or not.  I feel that it will be a label on her and that she will be judged with a skewed lens.  Either one of letting her get away with more than she should because, "she has a chromosome issue".  Or two, folks will treat her differently because she has a defect.  Nether of which I want.  I want them to treat her like a normal kid.  She's not normal in any sense of the word. She's a independent, strong, stubborn, and fierce little thing.  If that makes her "not normal" than so be it.  Labeling her with a "defect" just pisses me off.  Yes, this defect causes behavioral and learning issues.  And we have dealt with them all just fine without knowing she had it and we will continue to do so.  Getting creative with her defiance and anger is a new trick we will have to learn since it is becoming much more noticeable as she gets older.  I did end up having the blood work done for this because Lovely's doctor is concerned that she may have the same disorder.  To cover all our bases, I chose to know.  Had this not come up, I highly doubt I would have done the testing. 

With all this that happened in the morning, while walking down to the cafeteria in the hospital, I watched parents gather children in wheelchairs, children with oxygen tanks and still others without any hair.  As rotten as this day was, there were other little lovelies out there facing a much darker battle.  Ones that they could possibly never recover from.  Ones that will have their mothers and fathers burying them before their time.  And I felt blessed.  "At least it's not that." I kept saying to myself.  At least it's something very minor when compared to a cancer diagnosis.  How I have two children with very similar issues, I will never know.  How I am blessed to have three beautiful daughters and a whole bunch of children in heaven, I will never know that either.  Part of me felt like a victim.  Here I was, alone, and dealing with a high strung preschooler who just wants to run and jump, a toddler who's exhausted and a 3rd grader who doesn't really know how to handle the grief she feels inside so she gets bossy, angry and controlling. I just had my second miscarriage THIS YEAR, two weeks ago, and now this.  And part of me feels like a caged tiger.  Just let me out and I will show you how to stay strong in the face of adversity.  And still another part of me is saying, "How can i glorify God in this?"  I'm torn and exhausted. 

I am so grateful for all the text messages, phone calls, emails and Facebook messages.  I am thankful for the prayers I know many of my friends and family prayed today.  And then there is my husband.  We thought this was going to be a pretty simple and quick visit today.  When my husband was able to call me back this afternoon, I hit him with everything I was told.  I can't imagine the helplessness he felt when I told him that I wish he could have called into work and just come down here.  I needed my knight in shining armor.  I needed him.  Of course, it was completely unrealistic for him to come almost two hours away when we would be done soon.  (Three hours later.... ugg)  Much less, his desire to be there for me and for his girls, to grab up those girls in his arms and keep them safe.  Dads are superhuman and that's the way it should be.  And it's pretty amazing that he kept his game face on for me.  I didn't hear one crack in his voice, one waiver in his strength.  Just a steady, "We will work through this, honey."  And that carried me though the day,  Just knowing I could count on him to be the rock for our family while he solely relied on God.  I didn't even realize how much I was relying on him until I got home.  And then it all come crashing down.  I melted into his arms and held still.  I clung to every part of him.  I focused on the parts of him that I didn't have today: his muscles under my arms that were flung around his neck, the way he smelled, the smoothness of his freshly shaven jawline pressed against my temple, and the unseen sense of safety.  It's almost as if his soul whispers to mine, "I will keep you safe.  I will protect this family with everything I am.  I am yours."  God gave him to me.  The last time we went through this with Shine, we were in a very dark place in our marriage.  It was torture.  I didn't feel those things coming from him and it killed me.  I felt alone even though he was in the same room with me.  We were distant.  Almost like roommates that slept in the same bed.  It was ugly.  But in comparing this time with then, I can see where we've grown in our relationship.  Watching him become what he is today is impressive.  And I have a lot of ground to cover in growing myself to be where he is.  I only pray that I can be the support and strength that he needs when the time arises. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Diederich's Berry Farms

I own and operate a very successful photography business, Lacey Dippold Photography.  I absolutely love what I do and it gives me so many travel opportunities!  I am on a business trip to Michigan right now and what better things to do then to spend time with family?!  I love Pick Your Own Farms and with it being strawberry season, I figured, "Let's do it!!"  So my dad and I packed up the girls and went to Diederich's Berry Farm in Webberville, Michigan. 

We picked over 40 pounds of strawberries in about an hour and had a ton of fun watching Lovely chow down and make a glorious mess!  And we have been ruined for store bought strawberries for the rest of our lives.  These were the most amazing things I have ever tasted.  We made a ton of strawberry jam, homemade strawberry ice cream and strawberry shortcake.  We also froze TONS of berries for my dad and step-mom to enjoy for the next year!

 This is my wild child.  Her crazy hair is almost like her calling card.  It's hard to tame and is starting to curl and this is the result.  And I love every minute of it.  Every second that she's wild and free reminds me that she's little and will soon grow up and to cherish the crazies even if she looks like this for photos....
 Little Miss Lovely.  So sweet and as usual, she was the center of attention for so many folks passing by.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sneaking Away

Today was a day filled with numerous events that should have knocked me off my feet.  Before we left the house, I prayed. I didn't know what things to ask of Him, so I prayed for peace. Just peace.  That I could meet the challenges of the day with a clear, unemotional head and above all, peace. 

Yesterday Lovely and I spent the better part of the day in the Emergency Room.  She had a fever of 102.4 and was vomiting know. She refused to eat and drink so I packed her up and went into the emergency room at 7:30 am.  We were sent home late afternoon with a perscription for zophran and strict orders to make sure she was drinking enough fluids.

Today we went to the Denver Children's Hospital for Shine's genetic appointment to see if it might shed some light on why she broke two bones in less than a month.  We also had an appointment for Lovely first thing in the morning for Digestive Health. I have a sneaky suspicion that she is gluten intolerant, among other things.  After having to rush everyone out of the house at 7 am, we were 25 minutes late to Lovely's appointment and had to reschedule, despite our phone calls to assure them that we were coming and were just running late.  Frustration and disappointment set in and I wanted to verbally assault the lady sitting so prim and proper behind her desk.  When I went to the desk to reschedule, Lovely chose that moment to make sure that everyone knew that she wasn't feeling well and cried for over 45 minutes.  I wrapped her up and wore her, trying deserapetly to calm her down.  My peace was slipping. I cried.  Standing there in the Children's Hospital, the weight of everything I had to bear was nearly crushing me.  This tiny event felt catasrophic. 

When I was finally able to go into Shine's room, the nurse and her assistant were gathering family history.  The nurse was a bubbly little thing who knew her stuff and saw to it that we were confident in everything that was going on.  Her assistant was very shy.  She wouldn't look me in my eyes and would look away if I tried to meet her gaze.  During the family history, I had to expose to my husband that I was diagnosed with a heart condition recently.  I think I was in denial.  The doctor came in and examined Shine.  Shine, in all her independent, defiant attitude did her best to cooperate just enough to not get a spanking.  We were told that they wanted to run genetic testing on her to look for all abnormalities, especially one called Chromosome 22.  Strangely though all of this, I took notes in my medical binder, asked questions and listened carefully and had peace.  And I beamed when my husband told the staff that I made it as they marveled at it in all it's color coordinated glory. 

Shine has features that are slightly different than "normal" kids.  She has a "not quite" cleft pallet.  Which just means that her pallet tried to split when I was pregnant but didn't actually split.  The roof of her mouth is abnormally "tented".  She also has a heart defect as well as a pituitary gland defect.  She had open heart surgery over two years ago and we were able to correct her pituitary defect homeopathically last summer.  I had someone mention to me about a year ago that she didn't "look" normal in her facial features and had asked me about it.  I almost punched her. 

There are a few other issues caused by this defect.  One of those being behavioral problems and a learning delay.  Shine is head strong and defiant, but still well behaved.  She's also only three.  It's hard for me to want to define her in a disability when she's at such a tender age.  She struggles when there is too much structure in a learning environment.  She's a free spirit and I absolutely love that about her.  Thankfully, we have the financial means for me to stay home and homeschool my girls.  And that is something that I do not take lightly.  While talking with my mom after all this, I focused on what was truly important.  I wasn't worried about a learning delay.  Or behavioral problems.  Or how this was going to affect her life in the future.  I told my mom, "This is my daughter.  I will not have her labeled or defined by this.  We don't even know what it is exactly.  And I am okay with that.  I am okay with the testing taking almost two months.  I am okay with not knowing everything." 

So I sit here in my bedroom while my family watches a movie.  I am listening to the rain on the trees outside my window.  I am sneaking away to write this all down.  I want to remember my peace.  I have a to-do list a mile long.  I shot a birth this afternoon when we returned from Denver so my camera is full of those goodies just waiting to be edited.  I need to start working on a planner special order from my etsy shop.  But this place is so peaceful.  The chatter of my girls floating down the hall...the comment from my mama birth client "Do you have baby fever yet?"....the rain....the sweet prairie husband home....this all brings me great joy and contentment.  The list can wait a few more minutes.  Let me relish in knowing what God did for me today.  He gave me peace.  And that is worth more than gold.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Crib Bedding Set Series: Part 1 Crib Blanket

Welcome to Part One of my crib bedding set series! We will be doing a crib blanket today!  This is a super soft minky blanket!

I am making this bedding set for a dear friend of mine that's expecting her first child.  I am falling in love with this bedding the more than I work with it!  I truly hope she loves it too!

I opted for a very simple, but warm blanket.  My friend was due in the spring and I wanted the blanket to be something that she could use year round.  I chose a white minky backing, a good quality cotton batting and some heavy cotton for the front.  I can't stress the good quality cotton batting enough.  The cheap stuff that you can buy is just that.  Cheap.  And full of synthetic fibers.  And who wants a baby around that?  They'll be cuddling up with this and putting their faces close to it.  Yuck.  I chose a crib sized needle punching batting.  It was beyond perfect.  Mine actually came from when my mom and I cleaned out her storage unit.  I found six packages of these babies and brought them all home!

Here's the kind that I used.  I don't know if they still sell it, but it was awesome to work with!

I also didn't want the print of the blanket to be competing with the crib skirt, which was going to be pretty busy with three different layers and prints and colors.  I wanted it to compliment it and not feel swallowed up with busyness.  

Here's your supplies for this project:
Tape measure
Rotary cutter or fabric scissors
1 yard teal herringbone fabric
1 yard white minky
Sewing machine
White or coordinating thread
Cotton batting

Cut list:
(1) 32"x52" minky piece
(1) 32'x52" teal herringbone piece
(1) 32"x52" cotton batting

Here's what you do:
Wash and iron all your fabric. This is very important.  Cotton shrinks, minky doesn't.  Do the math.  You don't want to get all done and then throw it in the wash and then find out that everything is wonky because it all shunk at different rates.  And not only that, your final products won't fit with the measurements that you take after it's all shrunk.

And please iron it.  It's hard to cut properly when it's all wonky.  Here's a before and after of ironing.  How in the world are you going to cut accurately with all those wrinkles?

When cutting your fabrics for this series, always start with your largest sections that you need to cut.  That's why we started with the blanket.  This will make sure that you have the pieces that you need, in the sizes that you need them.  And you can avoid any last minute trips to Hobby Lobby 10 minutes before they close so you have a project to do while the kids are sleeping and while hubby works nights.  Not speaking from experience or anything...

This is not a photo heavy tutorial, because it is pretty easy to make this one.

Layer your pieces like this: batting, minky and then cotton with right sides together. Use a good quality batting that won't stretch and pull as you sew.

Sew all the way around leaving about a 10" gap so you can turn it right side out with a 1/4" seam. Unless you use a walking foot, your minky will stretch and pull. I find that if you sew with the minky as your middle layer that it stretches MUCH less if you use a regular foot. I opted to not use a walking foot and just stick to the regular foot.  I didn't have any problems at all, but I've worked with minky quite a bit and know when it is starting to have an attitude.  If you have doubts or are new to sewing, try the walking foot.  If you sandwich your fabrics like this, you will barely have any stretching.

Trim your corners and sides. I wanted to trim all my sides because I didn't want huge bulky edges.  I wanted it lay nice and flat without having bumps all around the edges.  I trimed to about 1/8" of the stitching.  If that makes you nervous, you can expand that a bit.  I had Fiskars fabric shears that are good and sharp so I didn't have any problems.  I used this same method on another blanket and it worked great!

Turn your blanket right side out using the hole you left open.  If you forgot this, then use a seam ripper and open a hole about 10".  I've totally done that before in projects.  Makes you laugh and want to swear at the same time...  Now sew around the edges lining up your edges. The minky will want to curl up and around if you don't do this. It keeps your blanket the shape it's meant to be.

This is the proper way to line up your edges.
 And this is what your fabric is going to want to do.  You need to make it behave.

And you're done with the first part of your bedding set.  Admire it.  It's gorgeous!  It's also the perfect thickness.  I've made several blankets like this.  This is the first one that I added batting to and I really love the weight of it.  I used an upcycled quilt on the inside of Lovely's.  I wanted a super thick blanket since she was born in Wyoming.  So hers was white, super soft denim, minky, home decor weight fabric, and then an upcycled quilt for the batting.  It's pretty heavy.  We didn't use it for the first six months because we co-sleep.  And she liked being swaddled.  But she used it all this winter and loved it.  She snuggles her face right into it.  I am truly hoping that Baby B loves hers too!  I might be making some more for my kids to love on!

Crib Bedding Set Series: Part 2 Boutique Crib Bumper

When I was searching around for the bedding I wanted for our third child, I stumbled upon a darling set on etsy...for $300 for just a sheet, bumper and skirt.  It was beautiful and SO stinking cute!!!  The more I kept looking at it and debating, I heard a still, small voice say, "You can make that."  I fought it for a good three weeks.  Then I went for it.  I figured out how much fabric and how I'd do it and we ordered the fabric.  When it came in, I was terrified that I was going to screw it all up.  This was my first major project that I was doing without a tutorial, directions or pattern.  I've done lots of small ones that way, but this one was expensive.  Well...on a scale of how much the original was, it was not.  But in terms of wanting to spend another $160 in fabric if I did mess it up, it was nerve wracking!  The $160 was for curtains, three decorative pillows, a floor pouf, the entire bedding set and a completely custom made bedroom.  It was totally worth it.

I searched for a tutorial on how to do the crib bumper like this and I couldn't find one.  I looked for hours and hours.  Pinterest didn't have one, etsy didn't sell one and the web was useless.  Which is why I decided to make my own.

All together this project took me maybe three hours.  That's cutting, sewing, ironing and piecing time. 

Here's what you'll need:

2 yards of Premier Prints Dandelion in Corral
Left over minky from your blanket or 1/4 yard white minky
1 yard of teal chevron (I bought this at Hobby Lobby, I don't know the brand)
4 spools of 15 yards 10.5mm decorative cording (I only used three)
2 spools of 1/2" wide white and gold grosgrain ribbon
4 bags of polyfil
Fray check
Sewing machine
White or coordinating thread
Zipper foot for your sewing machine

Cut list:

Teal chevron:
  • As many strips as you can fit in 2.5" by width of fabric

Dandelion print:
  • Cut (4) 21"x10"rectangles
  • Cut (2) 54"x10" rectangles
  • Cut (4) 28"x10"rectangles
White minky:
  • Cut (2) 15"x10"
Grosgrain ribbon
  • Cut (10) pieces at 19" long
Here's what you do:

First let's making the cording.  This makes your bumper.  Seriously.  It pulls it all together and makes it look professional and is the finishing touch on something homemade.  

Your teal chevron fabric will be the cover to the cording.  I also did 3" instead of 2.5".  Or you can cut your strips on the bias. I chose not to because I don't need much stretch to my cording.

Take your teal chevron strips and sew them end to end on the narrow side. You'll end up with yards and yards of a 2.5" long strip.  This will be the fabric that covers your decorative cording.  Sew them right sides together. 

Trim your edges. 

Now lay your teal chevron strip down on your work surface and lay your cording down the center. Fold your fabric once over the cording.  I just did the first few inches and then just folded it as I was sewing.

Sew with a half inch seam allowance on the raw edge. I know the fabric is quite a bit larger than your cording. You need that for sewing into your dandelion fabric.

Once your first spool of cording is done, wrap a little scotch tape around the ends of the one you just finished and the next spool.  This will keep it together as you start sewing the fabric once again.  Do this until you run out of fabric or cording.

Now your decorative cording is ready to be attached.  Let's start the actual bumper!

Take your 21"x10" rectangles and your white minky pieces and lay out your fabrics like this:

 When you're laying them out, make sure the prints are all going the same way.

Sew a dandelion piece and a minky piece together on the 10" side. Then sew the remaining dandelion piece on to the other side of the minky that you just attached. Keep in mind the direction of your fabric's print!

Repeat for the second set of fabrics.

Now let's attach your cording. Because I had cut the strips so wide when I made the cording I had lots of wiggle room for mistakes. Pin the cording to your fabric. It's salvage edge to salvage edge. I had to pin with about 1" hanging over my dandelion fabric because I cut my teal chevron so much larger.  I started on the bottom because you don't want the overlap when you finish to show. Give yourself plenty of space for that.

Switch your sewing machine foot to a zipper foot.  It looks like this and should come with your machine kit.

Start sewing keeping your zipper foot close to your cording.  If you're too close, it will wrinkle and pull.  Too far and it will have too much space when you turn it right side out.  You'll find a happy medium, don't put too much weight on this. It will still look beautiful when it's done.

 Stop about 1.5 inches from the edge. 
Position your fabric, lining everything up where you did on the previous side.  And then sew around the curved corner that you've just created.
When you have come back to where you started, cut your cording to leave an overlap.
 Seam rip one side and fold the fabric back.
 Finger press about 1/4 inch back. 
 Line up your cording on both sides and trim so when they are placed together they are flush together.  
 Wrap the trimmed cording around the other piece and continue to sew like normal.  The section that you finger pressed should be on top to create a finished edge. 

Fold your ribbon in half and pin at the fold at each corner, top and bottom and then one at the top center section. Your fold should be sticking out and the strands of the ribbon in towards the bumper.  It will look really wonky.  But once you flip it right side out the ribbon will be on the right side.  I used grosgrain ribbon and fray checked them when I was completely done.

Take a large 54" dandelion rectangle and your cotton/minky/cotton piece and match up your edges AND direction of print and pin into place. Pin with rights sides together.  Remember that you are matching the dandelion fabric edges together and not the cording fabric.

Using your zipper foot, position the foot so that it attaches to your machine on the right side of the foot. 

Start at the bottom again and sew using the zipper foot close to the cording. Make sure to leave a space to turn it right side out and stuff it. Your zipper foot should keep close to the cording. 

Repeat for the other pieces.
Trim your corners on all four pieces.

Turn all four pieces right side out and making  sure the corners come out too.  They should be slightly rounded from sewing the cording into place.

Now stuff them using Polyfil. 

Once they are all stuffed, slip stitch the hole closed on all four pieces.

Your bumper is now done!