Thursday, April 7, 2016

March: Project 52

Starting this week off with Leap Day!  And still sick.......

Week 1

This week I was still recovering from being pretty sick.  I tried really hard to get photos and I missed ones of Sparkle since she had lots of activities this week and I felt like I could have slept for a week.  We made slime to help with cabin fever.  The girls buried all sorts of treasures in this gunk.  Top pick were dinosaurs.  You can see evidence of the cookies we were eating...

 I went shopping and found this shirt for Shine.  I thought it fit considering she usually has borderline dreads every single day.
 Sweet little love hanging out and waiting for her sisters to come play with her.

Week 2

I am planning Sweetness' six month photo shoot and I was checking to see if everything I ordered had come in the right sizes for her.  She was super excited for this little test run.

The weather had been absolutely gorgeous this week.  We played outside a lot!!  The sand box got a lot of hours.  This is the first year that  Lovely can really play by herself outside and her independence is through the roof.
 We went hiking out at Pole Mountain.  Our girls love hiking.  It was almost 60 degrees and just so lovely!
 They both carry their own water and Sparkle usually brings a stuffy crammed into her Camelbak.  Today's little adventurer is named "Gentle."  Why a bull is named that, I will never know.  But hey, who am I to tell her not to?

Week 3
This week we had family from Michigan visiting.  I head to Michigan in June and I am super excited.  There's a strawberry farm right by my hometown and we went and picked a whole boatload of them.  I made almost 80 quarts of strawberry jam, and still froze gallon freezer bags.  I plan on doing the same thing this time!!!  Any who....back to family visiting.  We went swimming at their hotel, painted pottery, played board games and ate lots of good food!!

Week 4

This was a busy week for us!  Sweetness found her feet, which is my favorite baby new trick!

Easter we all snuggled in bed for some much needed, relaxed family time.

Monday, February 29, 2016

February: Project52

The beginning of February was rough.  Between being on call for a birth and sick kids, it was hard remembering to pick up the beast and take photos.  But I managed to get some very sweet images.

Week 1:

The morning after a very long birth photography session for a client, the girls were all snuggly.  Sparkle is still sleeping as the little girls start to stir in their rooms.  This image was shot at ISO 3200, f/1.4 1/40.  It was nearly dark in her room, so please excuse the slight noise you can see in the image.  She's my heavy sleeper and this image makes me so happy.  I love seeing her sleeping peacefully, without a care in the world.
 The dog usually sleeps in the girls' room.  Finding whatever spare blanket, dirty clothes or random sock she can curl up on.  This particular day, she was lucky and Shine left her bedding on the floor the night before.

This girl and her bed head crack me up.  I swear, she's part Medusa.
 Lovely is getting to that age where she's crazy.  I'm fairly sure that kids hit three years old and they decide to shake things up a little bit.  She's very animated and hilarious.  She was super excited about the gluten free granola bars I bought.  Since she's our only gluten free kiddo, I try really hard to make sure she can have very similar things that the other girls can have.

Week 2:

One of my most recent addictions is Lula Roe.  I love their fabrics.  I think they're wonderful!  Some of the patterns are absolutely nuts but I love them anyway!  Shine loves anything soft and comfortable.  So when I came across this DotDotSmile dress that is the perfect twirl dress, I had to have it.  I currently have dresses on order for the other big girls, but this was in stock in her size so I grabbed it.  Her leggings are from Lula Roe too and are super soft.   She was pretty excited about it's ability to flair out when she spun and instantly wanted to play Frozen.

Shine almost has the attitude of, "I'm gonna hug you, and you're gonna like it!"

 Shine was in awe of the sunrise during this week.  With the seasons slowly shifting to spring, the sun rise was right at the time the girls would wake up in the morning.  She had never seen the sky look like this before and kept asking me, "MOM, WHY ARE THE CLOUDS YELLOW?!?!" 

Lovely at Skylar's school Valentine party.  She was super excited about the new games lined up neatly on the shelf.

This is a really common scene in our house.  Sweetness loves the playmat and Shine loves that she's at her level.  

Sweetness turned 5 months old this week.  I still can't believe how the time has flown by.  The more children I have, the faster it seems to go.  Every week that flies by, I am amazed that I don't get more done.  

I love her little feet with this toy that my nine year old daughter had when she was a baby.

Week 3:

This week was met with sunshine and warmer weather.  The spring here in Wyoming is always weird.  We will either have ten feet of snow overnight or 70 degrees.  It's been beautiful for several weeks this month and as a photographer, I couldn't be more grateful!!

 Shine is digging the new bike.  She had a Strider bike that she handed down to Lovely so these pedals are a new thing for her.  She kept trying to put her feet down like she did on the Strider bike.  I'm tempted to take the training wheels off this for her. 

 Sparkle being the amazing big sister that she is helping Lovely with her bike down the hill.
 We also got hit was some nasty crud this week.  The two middle girls have been sick for what seems like two weeks.  This was just the beginning of it. 
 Sweetness got to try some carrot sticks to nom on instead of my fingers.  I pulled her little high chair into the kitchen while I make dinner and she sat there happily gumming her treat.
 It was Spirit Week at Sparkle's school during this week.  I managed to get a photo every day of her outfit but I didn't always get it with my camera.  Usually my phone....  This is reminiscent of mom's glory days.  I totally rocked this style in the 2000s.   

Week 4:

Shine wanted to help me keep Sweetness entertained.  She was grumpy and starting to feel the crud too.  She was singing her a song and playing with her chew toys.

This is a new trick we are working on.  I miss the floppy body newborn where they are a puddle of goo in your arms, but I also treasure the new things she can do too.  We are practicing for her six month Watch Me Grow session in a few weeks.  I really would like her to be able to sit on her own for this session! 

 We made spur of the moment cookies last night.  I mean, is there really any better kind of cookies??  It was the first time that Sweetness officially helped with cookies.  She was super excited to be able to dig into these.  They weren't even cooled yet and she was shoveling them into her mouth.  She's my gluten free kidlet so these cookies are a staple in our home.

 And of course, the spoon!!!
Sparkle and that doll house.  She's sporting some Lula Roe too!  All my kids love Lula Roe!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January: Project52

After I posted my 365Project post, a dear friend showed me a different perspective.  In this one, the author did a photo each week of each of her four children.  It's harder for me to get Sparkle since she's in school and activities almost every weeknight.  I didn't get any of her the first week, but I did for the weeks after that!

Week 1:

Week one was full of first ballet classes, playing dress up, Sweetness turning three months old and discovery.

Lovely's first ballet class was met with mixed feelings.   She cried through out most of it.  We ended up leaving early and I may have bribed her with hot chocolate if she stayed in class the next week all by herself.
 Shine loves to play dress up.  One week she may be Ariel.  The next she might be a sketelon.  This week's choice was Bat Girl.
 While in Estes Park in August I bought the girls these nifty magnetic rocks.  I lost them until this week because I never unpacked the bag from my maternity photos in the mountains.....don't judge me.  Shine loved them.

 Sweetness turned three months old in December so I took her Watch Me Grow photos this week.

Week 2:

This is a normal look in our house.  All my girls love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
 Sweetness discovered that she could find her feet.  She was staring at them in complete awe.

 Lovely got to speak to her Nana on the phone for her birthday. 
 Sweetness loves this pelican that her grandma got her for Christmas.
 Shine loves the hammock I bought for Sweetness.  Sweetness doesn't like it, so we handed it down to Shine.  We hung it from Sparkle's bed frame and it's constantly in use.
 Sparkle's favorite place in her room is under her bed.  She hides under there for hours.  She's currently making some perler bead ponies for Lovely's birthday.
 Apparently this is how a man feeds his baby.  While watching football....
Again with the hammock and turtles....

Week 3:
My oldest loves to read.  We have her read to pay for things she wants/needs.  This book will pay for food for her pet rat. 

 THAT BEDHEAD YO??  Seriously, this kid's hair cracks me up every morning.  It's gotten worse since she sleeps in the hammock now. 

 These girls make me so happy.  They fight like crazy but they also love like crazy too. 

 Sparkle loves to hold her baby sister.
 Sweetness just turned four months old and is rocking the coordination thing.  Gone are the days of newborn boxing.  Which is bittersweet. 
 She can reach and hold objects and gibbers to them the whole time.  Almost like she's encouraging them to stay put so she can grab them.
 Sparkle loves the doll house her Bumpa made for her a few years ago.  She plays with it almost every single day.

Week 4:

My kids don't get tv very often because this is what their faces look like....they completely zone out.
 All my girls LOVE stickers.  They share them with everyone around them.

 See....she likes to share.

 This is my newest addiction.  Lula Roe leggings.  They rock.  Butter soft and fit great!  And I've always loved pedicures.  Because who doesn't?!
 This is Teacher Appreciation Night at Sparkle's school.  This is her teacher who is one of those amazing souls that you can't help but absolutely adore.
This was a field trip to a bowling alley.  The girls all loved it.  Me....not so much.  I hate bowling.  But I go to cheer on those who do.  And pictures.....
Sweetness is progressing along very nicely.  Here she's balancing sitting up all by herself.  She did this for several seconds lots of times.  *sniffle*